Pick what to tokenize

Tokenizing is the act of trading in your physical card for a digital copy - what we call an Oath.

Similar to how a debit card is safer and more convenient than cash, buy and sell Oaths through our Marketplace.

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Enjoy cheaper and safer trading

Follow the instructions to send us your physical card. Once received, we'll digitally deposit your Oath.

We'll safely store your card while you transact through our Marketplace. Buy and sell Oaths to your heart's content. If an Oath is ever sold, we will allow the new owner to redeem the physical copy.

To redeem, click here.

Unlock a new dimension with fracturing

Fracturing is the act of splitting your Oath into smaller pieces - what we call OathPieces - each of which can be traded individually.

Similar to how you can own shares of a company, multiple people can now own shares of a card in the form of OathPieces. Buy and sell OathPieces to see where your fortune leads.

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